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Siberian and neva masquerade cats cattery Great Joy - a Great Joy glad to Your visit. My Name Is Tatiana. The cattery is located in Ekaterinburg, capital of Ural.  Our Pets do bring into the house in which they live - a Great Joy! 

    Have You noticed that living without Siberian cat nobody meets in the evening on soft paws, do not Wake in the morning with a loud purr and a fluffy tail? And You understand that without the cat, and life is not the same and do not have the warmth and the elusive magic cat that helps instantly relieve stress after a busy day. 
    Did You know that owners of cats live on average ten years longer than those who never had a house pet? Special purring animals reduces stress and brings a sense of calm and satisfaction. Domestic cats can reduce blood pressure, chronic fatigue and depression. Scientists have found that people suffering from insomnia, you just need to Pat the animal for 10-15 minutes.
    The world's best teachers of kindness and responsibility in children's Pets, they teach children to be responsible for those who tamed, to love and care for animals. 
     Siberians also one of the most intelligent breeds of cats, usually in the cat community they are easy to take up the position of leader, and their cleverness stories
     It is believed that Siberians are hypoallergenic: to be honest we have experience of selling kittens in families with allergic diseases, but it's all very individual and it is better to consult a doctor before such a responsible step. 

    All our cats for regular checkups at the vet, vaccinated and tested for genetic diseases. Acquiring a pet in a kennel You get a guarantee that Your pet is healthy and will live with You happily ever after, to delight You and Your family members. 

    Our animals are repeated winners of the show and rings, which shows their high breeding qualities. all our animals are tested for genetic diseases and are absolutely healthy. 

You can Buy a Siberian (or neva masquerade) kitten from us or to request a kitten. We will help You to choose a new member of Your family. We will help You get your pet and advice on growing.

Buy Siberian - Great Joy!

Sincerely yours, Tatiana

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